Hunt Hospitality founder Stephen Hunt has launched a new book that explores his journey to building a 100m pub empire and investment fund.

Launched this month, Find. Build. Sell tells Hunt’s dishwasher-to-pub-mogul story and reveals the blueprint he used to turn a failing and under-performing business into multi-million-dollar success.

Hunt, who is a panelist at the upcoming Pub Leaders Summit, discusses how to formulate an idea, raise money, recruit employees, fend off competitors and eventually cash out in a step-by-step format in his new book.

“This book is basically about how I turned a $100 backyard bar into 100 million pub empire,” says Hunt. “The book tells a lot of stories about my life and gives a lot of tips about how to basically find, build and sell yourself to improve your career and life.

“Through reading my book, you’ll learn how to turn your passion into profit and assess the right business opportunities for you, rebrand on a budget to exponentially increase the value of a business, develop a bullet-proof team culture that creates loyalty for life, negotiate the best price when buying or selling a business, and pitch to investors using language they understand and value.”

Hunt has won a number of business awards including NSW Business Outstanding Business Leader and was a finalist in the AFR’s Most Innovative Businesses in Australia and New Zealand. He is a private fund manager with over $100 million under management and has over 300 staff.

Find. Build. Sell is published by Wiley.

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