The Pub Leaders Summit 2021 is well underway with key insights and knowledge shared from keynote speaker Michael McQueen and many more.

Industry insiders have stressed the need to look at your business with fresh eyes and an assumption that not all will be the same and necessarily successful if you’re not ready to meet the new consumer trends.

The event was kicked off by Australian Hotelier Managing Editor Vanessa Cavasinni and event MC Luke Butler from Hastings People before introducing McQueen who took attendees on an interactive journey into problem solutions in 2021.

McQueen highlighted the importance of being in tune with current trends, especially for younger audiences. He identified three key trends for hoteliers to be aware of: acceleration of automation, post-millennial marketplace and the empowered customer.

Other speakers from a range of hospitality businesses have presented strategies on responding to the crisis, what to expect and how to plan ahead. Momento Hospitality’s Marcello Colosimo, who sat in on the first panel, said his team worked quickly to plan for the worst, communicating to each staff member what was expected.

“We were asking ‘what’s next?’ every morning. How do we hire one extra person as soon as possible? You can never assume what’s next and always plan for the worst. We have to create a sense of loyalty and community,” Colosimo said.

Me&u CEO Stevan Premutico proposed nine trends identified from online ordering software at hospitality venues. He said consumers are spending more if presented with the option to purchase food and beverage online.

“Consumer trends indicate there is a change to front of house operations that can’t be ignored. Bartenders are no only taking orders, but are immersed with the customer, making connections at the table,” Premutico said.

This afternoon, attendees will hear how entertainment and retail are a changing landscape to be on the forefront of. As well as how publicans can utilise social media intelligence to provide key consumer insights.

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