Red Rock Leisure, one of Australia’s most diverse hospitality groups in terms of venues, is set to open All Hands Brewing House in Sydney next week.

The group purchased the King Street Brewhouse in Sydney’s Cockle Bay almost four years ago, and shut the venue down six months ago for a re-think of the space.

“We thought we could get a lot more out of the site by redesigning,” stated Annette Verhoeff, group operations manager for Red Rock Leisure.

“How we have positioned the bar [has changed], which is much more visually appealing as you walk in. There’s more service points for those busy periods, where in the past we were constrained by the way the bar was orientated and we just couldn’t serve enough people in a quick enough amount of time. We’ve also created these different spaces where can have private events or more intimate dining spaces. And just creating lots of little pockets of interest for people so they’ll find their space where they’re comfortable in the venue.”

All Hands brews

The 10-hectalitre brewery will be led by brewer Sam Clayman, who has been retained from King Street Brewhouse. A core range of five beers – a lager, stout, IPA, a low-ABV and the popular Wood Duck cream ale from the King St Brewhouse days – will be brewed consistently, as well as three rotating seasonal beer styles such as a saison. Four large holding tanks have also been installed behind the bar to allow an increase in production.

Verhoeff told Australian Hotelier that the strategy was to create approachable, sessionable craft styles, due to the location of the venue.

“Because of our location, we can’t be super-crafty. It’s not overly mainstream either – we have lots of interesting brews. So [Sam’s] got lots of creativity but he understands that the beers have to be approachable and sessionable.

“Even our IPA has a lower ABV, it’s not at the high end. It’s not overly hopped, it’s very approachable. It has the great characteristics of what an IPA is without blowing someone’s head off with alcohol and bitterness.”

Demographic mix

With prime real estate on King Street Wharf on the edge of the CBD, the location has always been a massive attraction for tourists and domestic day-trippers, but Verhoeff says that the demographic mix is changing.

“Before we closed – and we think will continue when we re-open – we did have a big local following of people that live, and mainly work in the area. Especially now with Barangaroo, there are so many more office spaces going up around here. Our week day lunches are all pretty much corporate. We’re in the nice position of having a mix of the walking-past trade of tourists and locals and day trippers. It’s a great all-round location.”

All Hands Brewing House will open to the public on Thursday 22 November.

Vanessa Cavasinni

Vanessa Cavasinni is the managing editor of Australian Hotelier and Club Management, trade publications for the pub and club sectors respectively. Vanessa has been at the helm of Australian Hotelier since...

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