The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) held its national meeting on Wednesday morning, which included elections to its national executive.

Scott Leach, who also serves as president of AHA NSW, was re-elected unopposed as national president. This will be his fourth consecutive term in the role.

Also re-elected to the national executive were David Canny, from Victoria, as senior vice president; and David Basheer from South Australia as Treasurer. Paul Palmer, who had previously been on the executive representing Northern Territory, moves into the national vice president role.

“I’m honoured to be given the opportunity to represent the industry, and understand the responsibilities that come with it,” said Leach of his re-election.

“I congratulate David, Paul and David on their respective elections.”

Leach also honoured outgoing member of the national executive team, Paul Jubb.

“Thanks to Tasmania’s Paul Jubb who selflessly stood aside, allowing Paul Palmer’s election.”

Leach recently inducted Jubb in the national Hall of Fame for his service to the Tasmanian hotel industry.

Australian Hotelier will have more to share from Leach in the near future, reflecting on the current state of the industry and discussing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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