Research reveals the secrets to getting better customer reviews. According to research, tidy dining areas and fresh bathrooms are more important than service to restaurant guests. These are just some of the findings from a survey of 3000 diners and a unique eye-tracking experiment devised to learn how a restaurant is perceived through the eyes of a patron.

Visual heat-map of eye-tracking experiment

“Every venue is different, but they all share a desire to create a memorable guest experience. We conducted this research so we can help our customers meet their customers’ expectations” explained Sid Takla, Executive General Manager of Tork Professional Hygiene products.

Over 50 per cent of those surveyed have shared photos taken at a restaurant on social media, of everything from food to table décor.

When it comes to the bathroom, nine out of ten think that it is important that bathrooms maintain at least the same standard as the dining area. And the cleanliness of the bathrooms is the second most common aspect that guests are dissatisfied with when visiting restaurants.

High quality products such as toilet paper, paper towels and soap add to the experience for one in three respondents and six out of ten expect high quality bathroom products as standard.

In the past, diners trusted published restaurant reviews and the word of mouth of friends. Today they seek out social media and the opinions of millions of people they’ve never met. We know how important these reviews are for business – they can be ‘make or break’. And now we have greater understanding of the importance of all the details in the customer experience.

Watch a short film on the eye-tracking experiment below.

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