A game-changing recruitment app that serves up video CVs is taking off in the hospitality space, with Solotel venues among those to embrace the new concept.

The app, which is called Zapid Hire, was developed in Australia last year and promises significant time savings for recruiters in hospitality and other “deskless” sectors. 

20,000 Australian job seekers and more than 300 organisations have already subscribed to the app in less than eight months, according to its creators.

Zapid Hire was designed to appeal to Gen Z and young Millennials as it allows job seekers to apply for work via short, personality-driven videos. Hiring managers also post video versions of job ads, with Zapid Hire connecting job candidates with employers via a swipe system and chat feature.

Ari Shapurkar, assistant manager at Solotel venue The Golden Sheaf in Sydney’s Double Bay, said hiring staff is his responsibility, and prior to Zapid Hire, he would have to sift through 50 to 80 resumes to find suitable candidates to interview.

“I don’t want to read a boring resume,” he said. “I’m not trying to hire a GM, I want banter, and it only takes a few seconds of conversation to make that judgement.”

Joshua Smith, assistant manager at another Solotel venue, the Kings Cross Hotel in Sydney, said he was introduced to Zapid Hire at a time when the pub was struggling to find and onboard staff.

“The video CVs allow me to gain a better understanding of candidates’ personalities, allowing for more streamlined recruitment.”

Zapid Hire co-founder and CEO, Andrew Dewez, created the app in collaboration with Sam Prince, the founder of Mexican food chain Zambrero, who found the hiring process “ridiculously costly, repetitive, inefficient and time-consuming”.

When compared with platforms such as Indeed and Seek, Zambrero says Zapid Hire has saved it eight hours per hire, decreased its no-show rate for interviews by 35 per cent, and filled employment positions five times faster.

“There is such a shortage of labour you’ve got to find an applicant and get through the process quickly,” Dewez said.

Zapid Hire doesn’t just wait for job seekers to come to the app, it pushes job ads onto Instagram and TikTok to reach more potential candidates.

The app is now launching in the US and has already signed on a few locations including Park Hyatt Hotels in New York.

For applicants, Zapid hire is free. For employers, it costs $99 per ad/per month. The Zapid Hire app is available for free download via Google Play and the Apple Store.

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