Women will receive a 9.2% discount on Sparkke beverages at The Whitmore on Sunday 8 March, corresponding to the gender pay gap in South Australia.

The female-led Adelaide brewery and pub will use International Womens Day to highlight the pay discrepancies that continue to plague women in Australia.

The 2019 Workplace Gender Equality Agency report on Australia’s gender pay gap revealed Australia’s full-time female workforce took home on average 14 per cent less than men – or $241.50 less per week – last financial year.

As a social enterprise and for-purpose beverage company, Sparkke co-founder Kari Allen believes the discount initiative will help to highlight this issue and encourage further discussion.

“We’re a company founded and led by women. We are fully committed to inclusivity across all genders and identities, and on International Women’s Day we welcome the opportunity to call out the gender pay gap, measured and recognised by the Australian Government, because it illustrates real economic disparity between men and women in the workforce.”

The largest pay discrepancy is in Western Australia, where women are paid on average 22 per cent less than men. While smaller disparities can be found in Victoria and New South Wales (9.2% and circa 15%, respectively), these figures actually increased between 2018 and 2019.

“If we continue at this rate, there will be gender disparity for another 99.5 years globally. It’s trite to say that now is the time for change because women have been demanding economic equality for decades. Apparently, women must get louder. Our campaign is designed to help crank up the volume,” stated Allen.

Kitchen Sisters

In another effort to support gender diversity within hospitality, Sparkke has launched The Kitchen Sisters program, which is designed to mentor women in a field where men dominate.

The program offers aspiring female chefs professional development opportunities through week-long restaurant exchanges, allowing participants to learn new skills in a different environment. The first exchange will take place between Alanna Sapwell from Arc Dining in Brisbane, and Emma McCaskill from fare, Sparkke at the Whitmore’s award-winning restaurant.

Co-founder of Sparkke Beverage Company, Rose Kentish, will be speaking at the Pub Leaders Summit on Monday 30 March. She will be sitting down for a one-on-one interview on Sparkke’s social and for-purpose identity, as well as taking part in the panel ‘The New F&B’. To hear from Kentish and many other ground-breaking operators at the Summit, register for tickets now.

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