StrangeLove are proud to announce an innovation that will play a small – yet important – part in a more sustainable future for the beverage world. As of this month, StrangeLove will partner with select distilleries and high-volume venues to roll out kegged versions of some of its most popular mixer and soda flavours.

This new offering is in response to many of StrangeLoves key customers looking for ways to reduce their overall on-premise waste and environmental impact. Kegged mixers are undoubtedly a step in the right direction to assist high volume venues in their efforts to reduce waste, as each 50L Keg eliminates the need for:

  • 11.5 cardboard cartons
  • 69 carboard clusters
  • 276 glass bottles
  • 276 labels
  • Ink and printing outputs
  • Reduced fuel and transportation costs

“I wish I could say I was the genius that came up with offering our products in kegs. But this was very much a joint effort with some of our key customers who are at the forefront of sustainable practises within their own businesses. Other mixer companies said it couldn’t be done. We said give us a keg and we will find a way to make it work!” Said David Temminghoff, StrangeLove’s CEO – sporting his crispest pair of hemp chino’s.

Whilst, in theory, keg production sounds much easier than filling each bottle one-by-one, the switch required a total new approach to production and an overhaul of existing equipment. However, once the technical challenges were overcome, the project reaped not only environmental benefits but resulted in a clear gain to product consistency, increased carbonation, and clear production efficiencies.

It also has clear net benefits for the venue. In limited trials, venues reported:

  • Higher speed of service
  • Increased $GP per drink
  • Less-wastage of liquid from half-used bottles
  • Better product consistency
  • Higher carbonation
  • Less packaging waste at end of service
  • More fridge space and a cooler product on pour
  • Higher customer engagement

If your venue is interested in talking Kegs and waste reduction strategies, please make contact with,

Stafford Fox National Sales Manager:

David Temminghoff CEO:

Call via: 1300 712 081

Or visit and submit an enquiry via our online form.

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