WA hotel next to Optus Stadium gets state-first drinks-only licence for Good Friday.

Australia’s biggest pub, The Camfield, situated slap-bang next to Optus Stadium in Perth, will be the first pub in WA to open on a Good Friday and be free to serve alcohol without food.

The special occasion liquor licence allows the Three Pound Group venue to sell alcohol without food on the same day Perth’s AFL team takes to the field at the stadium next door on Good Friday.

“We are very pleased that our application for an occasional license on Good Friday has been approved,” The Camfield’s General Manager Tim McLernon told Australian Hotelier when approached.

“It would perhaps now make sense for the Good Friday condition in Tavern licenses in WA, [where] alcohol can only be served ancillary to a meal, to be relaxed or removed so that other venues can trade normally on this day without the need to apply for an occasional,” said McLernon.

“In our opinion, it’s a common sense decision that has recognised times have changed and Good Friday is now a day that people want to enjoy by going out and socialising with family and friends like they do on every other day of the year.”

AHA (WA) President Bradley Woods and his association believe all WA venues should be granted the same licence.

“Under WA Liquor laws, hotels, bars and pubs can be given a permit allowing them to be open for business on Good Friday to sell liquor without a meal and cater to customers modern expectations,” says Woods,

“With Good Friday coinciding with an AFL game at Optus Stadium, venues who wish to apply to trade as normal should be allowed to do so.

“The restriction of serving alcohol only where it is ancillary to a meal is archaic and does not cater for interstate and international visitors, let alone local patrons.

“With other states such as South Australia recently reforming their trading restrictions to allow normal trading on Good Friday, it is time for WA to do the same,” says Woods.

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