The recently renovated The Komo Hotel (formally Mon Komo Hotel) is seeking to fill more than 100 staffing positions from the local community. Queensland regional manager for Lewis Leisure Chris Allison said once at full capacity, The Komo will provide positions in all areas of the hotel, from management, kitchen, and bar staff.

The Komo, purchased in late 2019 by Lewis Land Group as its newest expansion, is situated in Queensland’s Moreton Bay. As part of LLG’s philosophy, hiring from within the local community generates a wholesome and enjoyable experience for the staff and patronage.

Since its first opening in 2011 on the Redcliffe shoreline, The Komo Hotel has been an institution for locals, day-trippers and tourists alike. The award-winning hotel features numerous bars, dining options, as well as conference, meeting and wedding facilities, and is a 35-minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD.

Allison said LLG’s portfolio also includes The Belvedere Hotel, just four kilometres from The Komo, and once both are running at full staffing capacity, will combine to be the second biggest employer in the region.

“It feels really good to be a citizen of the community. We live in the area, we send our children to school in the community,” Allison added. “We live and breathe the community. We sponsor local clubs, join the chamber of commerce and local community groups to be as involved as possible.”

“We’ve developed a strong footprint with The Belvedere and jumped at the opportunity to expand just four kilometers away to The Komo. I’m really excited for the opportunity. It’s a bit of a cliché in the industry but we’re in a people business. We’ve got a product and a plan, and we need great people to help us provide that.”

With a soft opening planned for mid-March, Allison confirmed to Australian Hotelier The Komo had hired about 40 staff on their books in early February with some key staff being added from the Belvedere to bolster its experience. Allison said it’s a great start and an opportunity to hire not only for The Komo, but to backline the staff numbers at its flagship hotel.


The picturesque Belvedere Hotel, only a short drive from The Komo.

“We’re fortunate to have a good group of staff across all venues and fortunate to have the support of our upper management, our general managers, even down to the duty managers and staff throughout each venue.

“Our staff need to feel empowered and take the responsibility for their venues, to feel they can make the small or big decisions and contribute no matter what position they’re in. And for us to have the ability to create that and offer the best support for staff and management is special.

“So far for The Komo we’re casting a wide net with our job openings and we’re going keep employing and keep looking even after we’re open.”

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