The Lady Hampshire head chef Brendan King has leant on his Anglo-Indian background to introduce a menu of snacks, kathi rolls, curry plates, sides and sweets at late-night corner eatery Derrel’s. The space sits next to The Lady Hampshire on Parramatta Road in Annandale, and it modelled off British ‘caffs’.

“Working in Sydney, the only opportunities I’ve had to cook the food from my upbringing is in staff meals. This is my first chance to represent the food I love and eat all the time, and offer it up for everyone to experience. My nana never cooked growing up – it was always grandpa in the kitchen – and while we hope people are a little confused at the start, it’s a menu influenced by growing up as an Anglo-Indian in Sydney, whatever that means,” states King.

“It’ll complement Lady Hampshire, as gigs finish, late night hospo workers clock off for the night and people spill onto Parramatta Road, we’re hoping Derrel’s is a pitstop.”

The Lady Hampshire was acquired by Public Hospitality in 2022, when the group closed the venue for refurbishments. It was reopened in April this year, with King at the helm in the kitchen, and a focus on live music throughout the venue.

At Derrel’s – named after King’s grandfather – takeaway options include vada pav,  soft potato-filled bread; King’s grandpa’s tandoori chicken wings; and a butter chicken and gravy chip butty. Guests can also select from rotating kathi rolls made of flaky flatbread paratha wraps and stuffed with either skewered meats or a veggie option of hara bhara kabab, an Indian patty of greens. The wraps are all dressed liberally with chutneys, onions or yoghurt, and served with chips. 

King’s former colleagues at Baba’s Place Creative were entrusted with the brand development, interior design in collaboration with Public Design Studio.

 “Getting to work with old friends and colleagues at Baba’s Place Creative was natural and easy. Derrel’s is personal to me, and I trusted them with the vision to come up with a brand and interior that reflected my menu in all its fun and confusion,” stated King.

Public Hospitality’s opening of Derrell’s, with brand and design input from Baba’s Place Creative, follows the announcement of split from long-term collaborators Love Tilly Group. Last week, Love Tilly Group announced the split, with the immediate closure of Fabbrica Balmain, and a halt to the impending opening of Fabbria Annandale in Public’s venue The Federal. Public have also taken over full operations and ownership of La Salut in The Norfolk at Redfern.

Vanessa Cavasinni

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