The Sporting Globe, owned by Signature Hospitality Group (SHG), has announced the opening of its 20th venue, The Sporting Globe Bar & Grill.

The new venue, situated at Northland Shopping Centre in Preston in Victoria, was proudly opened on Wednesday 19 July by Collingwood Magpies AFL player Steele Sidebottom.

The opening also marks a significant milestone for SHG, becoming the 50th venue in their portfolio. The addition of The Sporting Globe Bar & Grill will create over 50 new jobs for the local community, as well as engaging in partnerships with local sporting clubs.

James Sinclair, Founder and CEO of The Sporting Globe, said: “From the moment we opened our first venue in Geelong, we couldn’t have imagined the incredible journey that would lead us to this momentous occasion. It is a testament to our team of key players, including franchise partners, support staff and supply and the unwavering support of our loyal customers.”

“As we open the doors of our 50th venue at Northland, we celebrate a remarkable achievement and our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for sports enthusiasts and the local community. Our vision has always been to create vibrant spaces where people can come together and celebrate mateship, indulge in great food, cheer for their favourite team and forge lasting memories.”

The venue caters to over 350 patrons, with more than 50 high-definition screens including private booths with touchscreen TVs for sporting fans. SHG, home to well-renowned establishments TGI Fridays and Varsity, are proud to bring an expansive open-air beer garden, big screen, alfresco area and restaurant to the new venue.

Steve Edwards, who once began his hospitality career as a bartender at the original Sporting Globe in Geelong, will bring his expertise to the venue as a second-time Sporting Globe franchisee.

“Starting as a bartender to now owning not only one Sporting Globe, but two venues, is beyond anything I imagined. Every day has been different from day one, getting to work alongside so many young adults. Now not only do I work alongside them, but I am also mentoring and training them, and building a family of team members.”

“It is a great honour to be able to open a venue in my own community, where I’ve lived for the past 10 years. I have enjoyed every part of owning the Watergardens venue, but being able to own a venue in my own area, where my family grew up, is a different feeling. I can’t wait to further support my local community with our grassroots sponsorships.”

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