After a $1.75 million renovation, The Terminus Yarrawonga has opened its new beer garden.

The Terminus Yarrawonga, part of the Australian Venue Co. portfolio, is situated on the border between NSW and Victoria, at the mouth of the Murray River. Renovations of The Terminus began in November last year, and the new beer garden has just opened on Monday 20th March.

As Yarrawonga is one of the country’s fastest growing regional communities, the opportunity for growth presented itself quickly.

“Once we got on the ground and started operating the venue and saw the massive scope that was available out the back to increase the footprint of the venue, […] we quickly identified that that was where we wanted to go with the pub, to give the community a really enjoyable space to celebrate birthdays and family events,” said Mitch Harris, senior operations manager for The Terminus.

While The Stables at Terminus has been entirely renewed, care has been taken to maintain the heritage aesthetic of the rest of the Terminus. The space has a capacity of 375 people, with shaded picnic tables and a pergola. The two original barn doors make up its exclusive side entrance.

“It was essentially a big stable, a big old shed that needed a bit of love. And we were more than happy to invest in giving it, not just a facelift, but building a completely new and innovative space for the community to enjoy,” said Harris.

The beer garden features a fully stocked container bar, which was a necessary addition to increase the level of trade in the space. The food and beverage offerings have also expanded. The updated menu includes pub classics and an extensive range of snacks, which are available throughout the venue.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting in the public bar on a chilly winter’s day, or if you’re out enjoying a cocktail in the sunshine in the middle of spring, you’ll be able to access any of our menu items on the food or the beverage menu, no matter where you’re located within the venue,” Harris explained.

An important addition to the space is the Phar Lap’s playground, which reflects The Terminus’s focus on families and the local community. The Western Stables is more sports focused, featuring a large screen playing the best games all year round.

“The Terminus Yarrawonga is an iconic pub and we look forward to it being a family-friendly activity hub for everyone,” Harris concluded.

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