The team behind Earl’s Juke Joint and Jacoby’s Tiki Bar are set to open The Trocadero Room, a new live music venue in Sydney’s Enmore.

Pasan Wijesena of Earl’s Juke Joint, his team from Jacoby’s Tiki Bar, and long-time associate Russell Martin of The Cliff Dive will open The Trocadero Room on Enmore Road in October.

Taking advantage of Enmore Road’s special entertainment precinct designation, the team will open The Trocadero Room, updating the space formerly occupied by Hi-way Bar, with the aim of hosting live music, comedy and cult movie screenings amongst other things.

Wijesena’s cocktail bar Jacoby’s Tiki Bar was one of the first venues in Enmore to trial longer trading hours as part of the Special Entertainment Precinct Designation. The trial – which began in spring last year – was initially set to only last three months, but is ongoing due to its success.

As part of the trial, Jacoby’s Tiki Bar was able to stay open an extra 30 minutes and play live music. At the time the bar operator noted that the bar had bounced back strongly since covid, and the Enmore Rd Special Entertainment Precinct was thriving.

With The Trocadero Room, Wijesena and his team are tipping their caps to the original Trocadero, an entertainment venue that ceased operating on King Street in the 1940s. The Trcoadero room will bring back live music entertainment,  while also creating an outlet for arts and entertainment in the Inner West.

“When I was younger I loved having some smaller places to check out new bands or DJs, or watch obscure movies and late-night shows, and I miss that vibe. Hopefully we can help bring a touch of that back with the ‘Trocand add to the growing live music scene of the Inner West,” stated Wijesena.

“People need a reason to get out and about, that’s experiential as well as about eating and drinking. There’s a lack of places to go where you can dance and let your hair down. I also feel like the standard for hospitality within the live space is very low so hopefully we can help lift it a tad!”

Wijesena suggested that the inspiration for the venue would be a cross between the Hotel Chelsea Lobby bar and a West Hollywood nightclub.

Enmore’s “smallest pub”

A small pub called The Magpie will be incorporated into the front portion of The Trocadero Room, with the team joking it will be the suburb’s smallest pub.

Inspired by classic pubs and sports bars, and playing a soundtrack of classic rock and indie alt music, the Magpie will be open all day for a beer and a ploughmans plate, chilled Lambrusco, and contemporary updates to daggy pub cocktails.

“We’ll play live sport when games are on plus feature classic games and iconic matches such as classic NBA or footy finals, and heart-breaking English losses in all sports.”

The Trocadero Room will open in late October with The Magpie to follow at the end of November.

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