An Australian business has surrendered its office space and empowered its employees to instead work from hospitality venues around Australia.

1000 Mile Travel is using Third Place, an online marketplace that helps promote hospitality workspaces to remote, hybrid and flexible workers, and has launched it to all fifty of its staff.

“They used to have headquarters in Melbourne and had satellite offices in other cities and in the UK,” Third Place co-founder Paul Veltman said. “Now 1000 Mile Travel has gone completely work-from-anywhere.”

One of the company’s Brisbane-based employees, Craig Giezen, said working from anywhere means he is always available to clients for urgent requests and emergencies.

“My favourite local spot to work is The Belvedere Hotel with its great views of Moreton Bay and amazing sunsets.”

Third Place enables people to book a space in which to work alone or with colleagues and clients from a pub, lobby or café.

It began rolling out in Victoria last year and has since expanded nationally and into the UK.

For venues, Third Place promises a new stream of food and beverage revenue during off-peak periods when they don’t get much foot traffic.

To raise awareness of the work-from-anywhere model, Third Place has just launched a corporate pilot which will see companies trial the marketplace as part of their future of work policies.

Third Place has also announced an ambassador program incorporating futurists, workplace specialists and industry leaders including travel and tourism experts.

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