If you’re looking to increase your profitability (and why wouldn’t you be!), the best place to look is at your POS system. How is it working, and is it working for or against you? Three places to look are whether it is assisting your staff with their service, handling your promotions easily, and effectively controlling your costs like stock.


A good POS system will work seamlessly with your staff to ensure that they can focus on your customers. You also need to be able to rely on your system, so that they can focus on their jobs and are not flitting around doing extra bits and pieces. A few of H&L’s features that will help your staff are:

  • Available Portions can be set for an item at a serving period, and tracked against the POS until the item is sold out.
  • Courses can be properly managed dictating which items belong where and when, and kitchen printing can be controlled
  • Positions assign each seat to a position number and generate split bills, receipts, and print to kitchen based upon each position
  • Split Bills in a number of functions: seat number, covers, or choosing items on a bill. Split Table Items allows selected items on a table to share the cost across multiple table accounts or sub tabs

Our user-friendly system means that any new staff member will be able to easily learn it, and we also have a training mode so that you don’t have to worry while you train new staff.


Make sure that your POS system has functionality for promotions that you can set and forget. Our Mix and Match feature accommodates for promotions where customers can mix and match items for a discount or set price. It can also be segmented to members or triggered by a time switch. Package meal deals can also be created to allow a group of items to be sold at a set price, and also select substitutes. H&L’s system has as variety of promotional tools to ensure that your venue is consistently running smoothly.

Cost Control

Cost control is vital when ensuring your business is profitable. You may think it’s not necessary, but there’s a reason why the big players in the game want their inventory controlled cleverly.

H&L boasts the most comprehensive stock control including: ordering, receiving, transferring, promotional tools, and recipes. The opportunities are endless when it comes to ensuring that your stock is under control and you are completely aware of what is going on in your venue. Cut your costs by controlling them.

With over 400 reports included in your back of house software, H&L ensures that you know everything about your venue. There is extensive reporting on your venue that is grouped by type and their relevant application to ensure absolute understanding of your venue. However, we also understand that data is useless unless you are able to understand it. So we make sure that our reports are in a format that hospitality workers are able to not only make sense of but actually put to use.

Choosing a POS that controls your costs and increases your profitability is vital. You can focus on what’s important in your venue, and rest in the knowledge that the system is taking care of you.

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