Vertek animated tap decals (LAB), still a very new concept to the hospitality industry. Only now the numerous creative and digital possibilities are being realised. Venues across the world are seeing potential in purchasing Vertek animated tap decals. The LAB can promote in-house activations, incorporate QR codes, specials or even sell 10 second advertising space to other businesses. This brings a brand-new revenue stream to venues which has never been done before.

Once a static landscape with stOcked up tap talkers, now can be a lucrative and creative space for venue owners. Waiting at the bar, you can now see brands come to life, you can take advantage of a venue offer as well as be exposed to brands you may want to support. As Vertek is also a digital production house, this means the HD animation is produced in a very elegant and smooth way. The ultimate goal being to attract the eye of the consumer. Vertek LAB (looped animated branding) tap decals, give the bar a futuristic facelift, one that’s very overdue and benefits can be experienced by everyone. The brands pouring on tap are brought to life in ways never seen before. The LAB decals bring a new dimension to the brewery artwork which has been created with passion and a great attention to detail. The patrons are able to be informed of live events, food and drink specials and also get entranced in the details of the animation, all while they wait to be served. The venues can increase their revenue in two different ways. The first, promoting in-house specials and events and secondly, sell some advertising space. This is all done while keeping the brand on tap featured and front of mind. This is an exciting new space that venue owners are now taking advantage of and reaping the rewards. To find out more and take advantage of this opportunity please email us at Use Code word LAB2022 to get 20% off the price of LAB animated tap decals.

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