In a fast-paced, technology fuelled world where punters want all of the information they need at their fingertips, just slapping up a poster to advertise upcoming events at your venue is no longer going to cut it.

Today’s patrons are super busy, tech-savvy and want to plan their social engagements ahead of time. While cool and visually stimulating band and event posters definitely still have a place and add charm to a venue, a complete customer engagement platform to inform, engage and reward your customers, is what every venue needs now.

The Bepoz point-of-sale (POS) system offers one consolidated management solution for your business. It provides venues with a centralised platform for orders, payments, stock, purchasing, promotions, vouchers, loyalty and marketing backed with an unmatched reporting module operating on powerful POS terminals specifically designed for hospitality. A host of intuitive third-party integrations with leading gaming, accounting, reservations and human resources software means you can’t go wrong.

Advanced vouchering and loyalty modules are key features of Bepoz POS and the addition of complementary new app products MyPlace and JoinUp, closes the gap on your customer engagement programs.

JoinUp, the brand new membership sign up app, is designed to supercede paper forms and other manual data collection methods that are rife with errors.  JoinUp is quick and simple to implement on an iPad or as a widget on your webpage. Integrated with Bepoz, member records instantly sync with the POS system, allowing a venue to manage them through their normal membership routine.

The JoinUp app can be fully tailored to a venue’s branding and style. The app comes with a full content management system allowing for customised form fields, screen-savers, welcome email templates, branding and more.

Couple JoinUp with MyPlace and all your communication tools will be in sync.

MyPlace is a single dynamic customer engagement app that will help you market and build your membership base. It includes features like ‘What’s on’ – all the great things happening at the venue – and ‘Promotions’, where operators can market the venue’s F&B or merchandise.

All ticketed events and voucher offerings can be viewed, issued and redeemed through MyPlace. Customer loyalty points can be redeemed for promotions, events and more within your venue, all managed through MyPlace.

There are still a large percentage of customers that aren’t up to using apps or just plain old forgot their loyalty card. Which is why the new improved MyKiosk housed prominently in your venue foyer or high traffic area will add value to your loyalty program.

Capturing and creating incredible customer engagement programs with Bepoz loyalty platforms is simple. Give us a call today or visit to get more details on optimising your business with the right customer engagement tools.

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