Just when you thought Australian drinkers may have had enough of the ubiquitous espresso Martini cocktail, Sydney is set to be the backdrop for a new world record attempt, the equivalent of 5,000 espresso Martinis.

Timed to coincide with International Coffee Day on Monday 1 October, the attempt will take place at Sydney’s Cruise Bar.

The cocktail will stand at 2.2m tall in a custom-made glass and hold an impressive 600 litres.

Staged by Tia Maria, their Brand Ambassador Mark Hickey said: “The espresso Martini is fast becoming the signature cocktail of Australia, so where better to celebrate our commitment to making the world’s best, than overlooking the iconic Sydney Opera House? As a coffee-loving nation, craft cocktail culture is taking many of its cues from coffee culture and vice versa, so it’s no wonder drinkers are looking to what’s next as they demand new and exciting flavour profiles.”

What’s going into this oversized cocktail for an attempt at the World’s largest espresso Martini cocktail? We have the recipe:

  1. 286 bottles of Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur
  2. 286 bottles of vodka
  3. 200 litres of Vittoria Coffee

What’s next in coffee cocktail culture?

David Jameson, Union Hand Roasted Coffee, said: “You can get different coffees from the same farm, region and country, and you pair those with tonic as a lengthener and a mixer and that really makes a lot of sense. Where the Espresso Martini took the coffee cocktail to a night out in a cocktail bar, mixing with tonic transports it to a daytime barbecue or quick after work drink.”

The Tia Maria Coffee Cocktail Futures report, prepared by the Future Laboratory, noted:

“The coffee cocktail revolution has risen in tandem with cold brew and more experimental treatments of the traditional iced coffee.” They predict coffee will be used more and more as an essential ingredient in cocktails in future.

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