Prancing Pony Brewery is no stranger when it comes to pushing boundaries.  The Adelaide Hills-based brewery is best known for its bold and award winning 7.9% ABV double India Red Ale and for brewing big and full-flavored beers.  Recognized as a brewery that masters to create these amazing flavors using grain, hops, yeast, and water only, common to all their beers is that they are perfectly balanced. 

From their mid-strength 3.4% ABV Stage Roadie to the 9% Imperial Stout, there is a beer for everybody and a story to match the beers.

Their latest release is a Lager, but unlike many of their other beers which have quirky names and depict fictitious characters, this beer is simply named the ‘Pony Lager’.

‘We love our beers’, says Corinna, CEO and Co-Founder of the Pony.  ‘Frank and I are dedicated beer drinkers (from way back) and for us, there are always real-life stories associated with our beers and this is reflected in their names. From the Magic Carpet Midnight Ride to the Sledgehammer, Frank usually has a crazy story in his head. When we developed this Lager, we all agreed, we wanted a beer that can be drunk anytime, anywhere and with anybody. A beer that doesn’t demand to be discussed at length, just a crisp and clean Lager, a Pony Lager’.

We’re not sure what crazy story Frank had in his head when he came up with this beer but, he reveals this much: ‘When I grew up in Germany, Craft beer as we know it, did not exist and I was just a lager-boy like everyone else. The only Ale we had was the Hefeweizen. We usually drank the local lager-style beers and boy, did we party at times. Some of my fondest memories are going to the local beer festivals where a 1000 or so people crammed up in a hastily put-up beer tent with a humpta band inside, the smell of grilled sausages, the clonking of beer steins, sitting around trestle tables and just talking nonsense. We laughed sooo much. With the Pony Lager, I wanted to re-create that festive and relaxed atmosphere. I took some liberty to add just a little extra flavour to the beer to give a better rendition of my memories and hopefully you can experience it as well when enjoying a Pony Lager.’

The Pony Lager is designed to be a sessionable beer (4.5% ABV) and is based on a German ‘Helles’, meaning bright in colour.  It is approachable, easy drinking, thirst quenching and perfectly balanced, with a little Pony twist to make it stand out of the crowd.  A delicious, refreshing beer for any occasion and any food pairing.

‘With this beer, we reach out to the beer lovers that like to drink a Craft beer, made in small batches by their local brewery. A beer that is well executed and does not overwhelm with hop flavours or challenge the taste buds. Just a beer for anybody, anytime.

 ‘This is a Pony for the Ponies out there, especially for those who like to laugh sooo much’, says Frank.

The Prancing Pony Brewery is an independently owned and operated brewery with a strong and loyal following.  Their restaurant and production brewery are under one roof.  Visitors can see and smell the beer making process from start to finish, while drinking a beer from their 16-tap bar and enjoying their famous ‘finger-licking’ delicious chicken wings.   Their beers are distributed nation-wide, available online and the Sales Ponies are happy to assist venues in selecting beers to match the offerings.

For more information go to: or call (08) 8398 3881.

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