In the 2021 National Liquor News Industry Leaders Forum, Coopers Director Marketing and Innovation, Cam Pearce, describes how the brewery will be building on 2020’s successes for a positive 2021.

When asked to characterise what 2020 was like for Coopers, Cam Pearce, Director Marketing and Innovation, said: “It was a rollercoaster year with significant sales performance swings from one month to the next. However, Coopers Brewery emerged from all this in an overall strong position.”

The company will build on this strong position in 2021, leveraging positive sales growth, successful launches and exceptional product reviews to capitalise on the opportunities it sees for the business ahead.

“We’re continuing to focus on playing to our strength of being a quality, great value, locally made product. There are various marketing campaigns and initiatives planned for 2021 to build on the current momentum and start the year on a strong footing,” Pearce said.

“We recognise that it has been a challenging time for venues, musicians and patrons and we will continue to build on the success of our Live, Loud and Local campaign focusing on live music at venues in 2021.”

Pearce noted that last year’s launch of the Pacific Pale Ale was a highlight for Coopers. This involved a rebranding and renaming of Coopers Session Ale, with the beer itself remaining the same, and enjoyed similar success to other types of releases throughout the year.

“‘Pacific’ has become the recognised name within the style reflecting refreshment, flavour and fruitiness and our Pacific Pale Ale will be a focus over the 2021 Australian summer,” Pearce said.

“We continuously review our portfolio of beer against market trends, consumer demand and retailer feedback. We are always open to introducing new beers where we see opportunity. It’s an important part of our strategy to reach new drinkers. But it’s not a decision we make lightly or rush into – it has to add value and grow the beer category as a whole.

“We introduced Hazy IPA as a limited-edition seasonal release in kegs and 375ml cans across Australia in August and it has quickly proven to be popular.”

Celebrating authenticity

Of course, after the turmoil of 2020, Coopers does not anticipate that this year will be easy. But Pearce said the business is poised to build from a foundation of success and showcase what sets its brand and products apart.

“Authentic brands like Coopers appear to be resonating with drinkers and this will only become stronger in the year ahead,” Pearce said.

“As with any brewer, a key challenge is to continue to be distinctive and meaningful in an increasingly competitive drinks industry. There are still opportunities for Coopers to continue to expand its presence, particularly along the eastern seaboard.”

“Coopers can portfolio continues to strike a chord amongst a broad consumer demographic. Led by Pale Ale, it’s a format that is popular across our range including XPA, Sparkling Ale, Hazy IPA, Pacific Pale Ale and Mild Ale.

“It’s a trend we’ve seen emerging for some time now, fuelled by the craft beer movement. Drinkers appreciate the advantages of cans and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

“Finally, our ‘Coopers Forever Original’ marketing campaign will be in full swing in 2021.”

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