From the minds and stills of Archie Rose Distilling Co. comes Double Malt Whisky, the third release in the Fundamental Spirits range, crafted from a blend of the rye and barley malts that underpin Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky (eight-time winner of Australia’s Best Single Malt) and Rye Malt Whisky (four-time winner of World’s Best Rye). With a bottle shape adapted from the Archie Rose Signature Range of spirits, including a longer neck and lighter weight, it’s a range created for the rail as an uncommonly easy foundation for mixers and cocktails. 

As one of the first all-malt Australian whiskies available at a sub $85 RRP price tag, each batch is made at the Archie Rose Distillery in Botany, Sydney using a solera system. The rye and barley malts behind Double Malt Whisky are distilled in traditional copper pot stills, then matured in Australian apera, sherry, bourbon, and virgin American oak casks. The result is a remarkably complex that is bold enough to stand up in your favourite mixed drinks and cocktails, but complex and smooth enough to sip on its own. A delicious, approachable new style of local whisky that gives people the opportunity to switch to a 100% Australian made malt whisky.

“Our goal with Double Malt Whisky was to create a premium and affordable whisky that could be used in place of bourbon, rye or blended Scotch whisky, while also giving whisky drinkers the option to switch to an all-malt, local whisky for the first time” – Dave Withers, Master Distiller, Archie Rose. 

Proudly Independent. Locally Sourced. Obsessively Crafted. Cheers to redefining tradition. 

Now available via all good wholesalers. 

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