Beer Cartel co-founders.

Beer Cartel announced today it is lodging Birchal equity crowdfunding to help raise up to $1.5million in funding for its next phase of business growth.

Despite reporting a sales increase of over 75 per cent in the last 12 months, the retailer has said it needs additional funding from investors to achieve its next business goals, which include improvements to its website, logistics and online offering.

Beer Cartel co-founder Richard Kelsey (pictured on the right) said to potential investors: “As a part owner of the country’s biggest craft beer bottle shop not only will you be able to share in our success, you’ll also be given excellent perks.

“Last year there was a big increase for online subscription businesses, and we definitely saw that with our beer subscription as well, growing by over 100 per cent from the year prior.”

As part of the crowdfunding campaign, investors can buy shares starting from $100.

Kelsey said: “While buying shares in Beer Cartel will probably give you bragging rights to your mates, our 100,000 loyal customers and 12 years of successful online retailing proves we mean business.”

Co-founder Geoff Huens (pictured on the left) added Beer Cartel’s success has also helped the Australian workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic: “[Last year] put a lot of pressure on us, but we took great satisfaction from employing a lot of hospitality workers who lost their job during COVID. We doubled our staff during COVID, up from 13 to 26.

“It was also very satisfying to support craft breweries that were taking a massive financial hit because so many hospitality venues were closed or had severe capacity limits put in place. Our success had a flow on effect to many families and small businesses around Australia.”

According to Kelsey, Beer Cartel reported its spike in year-on-year sales thanks to its growing range of over 1000 craft beers, increase in mixed craft beer packs, and monthly beer subscriptions.

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