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In the 2023 National Liquor News Industry Leaders Forum, BrightSide Directors Amber King and Sue Lauritz discuss their plans to continue supporting and connecting with the drinks industry in what is expected to be a dynamic 2023.

Being long time specialist recruiters for the drinks industry, Sue Lauritz and Amber King, Directors at BrightSide Executive Search, know a thing or two about how to find the right candidate for their clients. And even with a candidate tight market providing its challenges, the BrightSide team sees this challenge as an opportunity.

“In this market our clients need our help more than ever,” say King and Lauritz.

“We just need to be well positioned to support them to find the right hire as efficiently as possible. With our talent team in place, our extensive database, and strong networks, we are well placed to do this.”

King and Lauritz have grown their talent team over the past 12 months, with three new staff members, servicing the entire country. And this team will continue to grow into 2023.

“Our team bring skills in recruitment, talent mapping and headhunting, however we all have a huge passion for the industry overall, which makes it easier, even in a tough market. We love what we do and are continually making connections with candidates with a range of experience across sales and marketing, category, trade, digital, online, innovation and insights and at all levels,” they say.

“We’ve found that more businesses are outsourcing their recruitment to someone they trust and who knows the market. And after 15 years of being specialists and dedicated to the drinks industry, we can safely say we do.”

Looking to the year ahead, BrightSide is preparing to relaunch its website with a brand new look and feel in the first quarter. And aside from this, the immediate focus will be fulfilling current job briefs and tapping into the active candidate market.

While there is more movement in the market, candidates are very particular with their job wish list, with things like a hybrid home/office work model a must, along with a genuine passion for the brands they represent.

As King and Lauritz said: “Candidates are very definite with what they’re looking for in their careers and their expectations of employers. We often hear that if there is no work from home flexibility, then it’s not the company for them. People want to be trusted and feel they have proven they can do their jobs remotely some of the time.

“The right culture continues to be a key factor in someone considering a role or not. Also, longer term career progression and if the business is a good ‘corporate citizen’ are also key factors, especially around sustainability.”

With more certainty and confidence in the jobs market, BrightSide expects to see an increase in people making career changes. So how can businesses put their best foot forward in their recruitment searches in 2023?

“By being on the front foot,” say King and Lauritz. “Failing to plan is planning to fail. Sit down with your key leaders to determine your recruitment needs; where are potential gaps, know what your internal moves / promotions and new head counts are going to be and plan with BrightSide accordingly.”

A key message to the industry

As the only dedicated drinks specialist in the country, BrightSide has a key message to the industry when it comes to 2023 recruitment.

“We are here to support the industry and after 15 years we know what we are doing, what our clients need and what candidates are looking for to make their next career move,” King and Lauritz said.

“Lean on us for your recruitment needs so your team can stay focused on their own roles within the business.”

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Article written by Deb Jackson.

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