Bundaberg has announced the launch of a new Small Batch Spiced Rum to be released nationally in mid-October.

Trade attendees at the recent Bundaberg 130th Anniversary Blending Experience were the first in Australia to sample the new spiced rum, pre-bottling or official labelling.

The new rum has been designed to be enjoyed in mixed drinks, neat or on the rocks.

Diageo Brand Ambassador Jessica Arnott said the recipe for the new rum was developed via a process of taste-testing 14 of the spiced rums already on the market.

“We did some really extensive research into what was delicious, what wasn’t delicious and what we wanted in a rum,” she explained.

“This is kind of the end product: there’s lots of dry spices, a little bit of orange – it’s not a vanilla and cinnamon bomb which we discovered was very common in the category.

“It’s got some depth but it’s still got a little bit of that Bundy character to it.

“I’ve also had the chance to mix a couple of cocktails with it; it’s really mixable, it’s got a nice dry finish and I’m really excited for you guys to start mixing with it.”

Bundaberg Small Batch Spiced Rum will officially launch at the Spirit of Bundaberg Festival on 13 October and will be released nationally the following day in both the on- and off-premise.

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