Moving from a career in wine supply and distribution, Proprietor Tore Margiotta has opened Carlingford Cellar Door in Sydney’s northern suburbs, offering an expansive and unique range within the store’s small footprint.

Margiotta began his career in the wine industry in 2006, most recently working as State Sales Manager for Pure Wine Co. Other roles with Delegat and Treasury Wines, as well as knowledge gained from completing the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma in 2012, have fostered his passion for wine that is evident at Carlingford Cellar Door.

“I’ve worked with countless wine retailers and producers around Australia, which inspired me to create a special place where both wine geeks and novices can find something amazing to enjoy,” Margiotta said.

Small producers are a particular focus for Margiotta. The shelves feature names like De Salis and See Saw from Orange, Silent Way from Macedon Ranges and cult wineries like Wendouree, Rockford and Giaconda. There is also an impressive international range, with a particular focus on Italian wines. This interest in small and independent producers is continued across the beer and spirits range, with the spotlight on local producers and a good selection of German and Belgian beers.

“The chains are focused on pushing their private label brands and the same old tired drinks you see everywhere else, so we really want to support great local producers and those small family businesses that strive to create something exciting,” he said.

Since opening the store six months ago, Margiotta has been encouraged by the positive response from the community.

“Our amazing little local community here in Carlingford has been really supportive, and there is clearly a hunger out there to discover something new and delicious. Local producers such as The Primary Goods Co, which is Parramatta’s first legal distillery, and Village Days Brewery at Gladesville are creating delicious and distinctive drinks that offer a real point of difference,” he said.

Margiotta continues to engage his customers with tasting events every Friday and Saturday night, introducing shoppers to products they may not have tried before.

“For me, there’s no point opening the same bottle that people are opening everywhere else. We don’t generally taste something like a Shiraz or a Sauvignon Blanc, which people have tried before. Recently, we tried a Spanish blend, something that is a bit less common but really delicious. We try to open things that have a story and a sense of place,” he said.

The tastings have become a major drawcard for customers, and Margiotta has seen success through promoting them on Instagram and a new TikTok account.

“We’re trying to make the content fun, keep it light. There’s a lot of slow, boring content about wine, but we want to make sure that our accounts are accessible to anyone.”

Margiotta seeks to provide his customer with value and encourages them to explore different styles of products than what they would usually drink.

“With the range, we made sure that whether you want to spend $20 or $200, you’re getting something that’s excellent value for money, something that’s delicious, and something that you’re not going to find everywhere else,” he said.

“Within the shop, we have shelf talkers that tell the customers a bit of the story of that product. They will say things like, this wine is great because it speaks to the place it’s from, or it won a trophy at this show. We’re trying to give people a reason to try something new. The range is constantly evolving, so every time a customer comes in, they can find something new. If you like to explore, there’s always new things to check out here.”

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  1. Tore from Carlingford Cellars deserves a big round of applause! I believe that independent wine retailers like him will play a crucial role in saving the wine industry in the years to come.

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