As the low/no alcoholic beer sector continues to lead the low/no-drinks category, Coopers Ultra Light has spearheaded the sector, enjoying over a decade of steady growth.

Australia’s largest family-owned brewery, Coopers, has been producing Coopers Ultra Light for over 30 years which has all the hallmarks of a premium beer, with the difference of containing just 0.5% alcohol volume, putting it in the non alc beer category.

The IWSR reported earlier this year that beer and cider hold a 92% share of the total low/no alcohol segment, also stating that the consumption of low/no alcoholic beverages will increase 31% by 2024.

“While competition has increased in the non-alcoholic beer market, our portfolio continues to increase its growth,” said Coopers General Manager Michael Shearer. “Sales of our non-alcoholic beer portfolio climbed 5.8% over 2020, on top of nine years of solid double-digit volume growth.”

Coopers Ultra Light is a premium non alc beer, with a rich golden colour and a full malty flavour, brewed using only the finest Australian malted barley, hops and yeast.

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