Drinks retail and hospitality business Endeavour Group has today announced the launch of its sustainability strategy, named ‘A positive imprint, made together.’

Anchored to its purpose of ‘creating a more sociable future together’, the new strategy commits to partnering with industry, experts, and government, and invests in research, technology and innovation to meet its range of goals. This is the first published sustainability strategy for Endeavour Group since demerging from Woolworths Group and being listed on the ASX as an independent company earlier this year.

Endeavour Group CEO and MD Steve Donohue said: “While sustainability has always been central to how we operate, the launch of our first sustainability strategy as an independently listed business is a significant milestone in setting the course for the next phase of our journey.”

“Our ambition is to leave a positive imprint on the communities we are part of, the people we connect with and the world we all share. We have worked closely with a range of diverse stakeholders to identify the areas where we can make the greatest impact.”

The strategy is built around three principles: responsibility & community; people; and planet, with a number of goals and commitments that are intended to guide how the company works over the coming years.

For example, under the responsibility & community pillar, Endeavour Group pledges to amplify its leadership in the responsible service of alcohol and conduct of gambling space, by partnering with health experts, regulators, government and the industry for harm minimisation in both the off- and on-premise.

“We acknowledge that with leadership comes responsibility, which is why we will continue to invest in new technologies and solutions that promote responsibility,” Donohue said.

“An example of a research-led industry partnership is our recent collaboration with DrinkWise whose research found low-and non-alcoholic drinks options can help customers moderate their drinking. On the back of this research, we are now trialing dedicated zero, low and mid-strength sections in selected Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores to see how we can best help customers who wish to reduce their alcohol consumption.”

“We are also working with a leading global research firm to trial predictive algorithms to identify customers who may have a problem with gambling, to steer them towards harm minimisation programs.”

Another part of the sustainability plan is to work with local communities in a number of ways. This includes the establishment of a Community Advisory Committee in Darwin next year that will bring together a group of local experts to explore initiatives to reduce the harmful drinking and problem gambling, and direct Endeavour Group’s investment into the causes that will have the most value to that community.

“Although we have committed to our goals on a national and even global level, we acknowledge that our Sustainability Strategy also needs to be implemented at a local level because every community is unique. We’re committed to listening and engaging with local communities to find local solutions,” Donohue said.

This is in addition to the business developing its first Reconciliation Action Plan with Reconciliation Australia, which intends to listen and learn to create meaningful, clear and measurable reconciliation goals.

The other important element to the people principle in the strategy is to build a safe and culturally diverse team over more than 28,000 team members, committing to 40:40:20 diversity balance in senior leadership and at a Board level by 2030.

The final planet principle in the strategy commits Endeavour Group to reducing its environmental impact, with 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. This principle also supports The Paris Agreement and plans to develop its own climate strategy.

Overall, Endeavour Group said the strategy also supports the United Nations Global Compact’s Ten Principles and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Donohue said: “The launch of our Sustainability Strategy is just the beginning of our journey. We’re committed to listening and learning, sharing our progress and leaving a positive imprint on the communities we’re part of. We also know that it will be important to adapt and refine our approach along the way.”

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