B&G Alcohol Free Sparkling

The trend for a healthier consumption has accelerated during Covid-19 resulting in an increased demand for low or alcohol free wines, including in the months other than Dry January, Dry July or October…
estimates that sales of low or no alcohol drinks will increase exponentially in the next 5 years, Nielsen announces that US consumers (65% of 21-44 yo) want to lower their alcohol consumption.

Barton & Guestier now offers a new B&G Alcohol Free Sparkling, a festive drink with all the wine benefits without the alcohol, for both family and professional environments and non-alcohol policy venues.

B&G Alcohol Free Sparkling is made according traditional winemaking rules, followed by alcohol removal, using a well mastered and unique craft filtration technique named reverse osmosis: the natural aromatic and nutrient components existing in the wine are extracted and preserved before the alcohol is evaporated, allowing the alcohol removed wine to keep its integrity intact maintaining its original bouquet, character, color, and flavours.

The wine is made with 100% Muscat grapes showing a pale colour with golden hue and a fine mousse with tiny long-lasting bubbles. The nose is intense and aromatic, typical of the Muscat grape variety, combining delicate floral notes and grapey flavours. On the palate the wine is pleasant, well-balanced with a long and refreshing long finish.
An excellent refreshing wine for aperitif, cocktail or to accompany a lunch or dinner, or to party all night long!

Guillaume Bladocha, B&G’s Export Director for Asia Pacific explains: « The consumer is at the heart of our strategy and our taste for innovation and pursuit of quality remains as important as in 1725, when the first barrels of wine from our company left from the harbour of Bordeaux. Almost 300 years later, our founder’s pioneering spirit is still inspiring Laurent Prada, B&G headwinemaker and the B&G team. The strong B&G signature with the red letters is an absolute guarantee for quality to the consumer!

To find out more about the unique offerings from B&G, and how you can tailor a French wine offering that wil engage your customers, contact Adeline Zimmermann, Sales Manager Australia & New Zealand or head to the Barton & Guestier website and explore the delights of French wines.

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