FELLR, the Australian brand known for its award-winning Seltzer range, is excited to announce FELLR DOUBLE. This newest addition to the FELLR family is a 6.5% Alcoholic Soda range, perfect for those who don’t believe in doing things by halves.

FELLR is adding not one, but four new flavours to the FELLR family with the launch of their new FELLR DOUBLE Alcoholic Soda range! At 6.5% ABV, and 1.8 standard drinks, it delivers a more intense flavour and a fuller mouthfeel. FELLR DOUBLE caters to the growing trend in Australia for low-sugar, lighter-style alcoholic drinks. With Australians increasingly seeking healthier options in their alcoholic beverages, FELLR DOUBLE provides a low-sugar, lighter-style solution without compromising on taste and quality.

From the outset, FELLR has focused on flavour and creating the best tasting and most refreshing products on the market, without sparing any expense. This focus on quality has seen FELLR collect 2 Trophy’s, 7 Golds and 10 Silvers at the top international wine & spirits shows, including the world’s best brewed Hard Seltzer at the 2022 The Spirits Business, Hard Seltzer Masters in London for the FELLR Passionfruit Flavour.

While FELLR’s Seltzer range rules seaside picnics and beer gardens, FELLR DOUBLE will find its home at late night gigs and pumping house parties. Flavours GREEN APPLE, LEMON SQUASH, and RASPBERRY – hark back to nostalgic classics. Fan favourite PASSIONFRUIT rounds out the lineup and provides an easy point of entry for FELLR’s existing audience.

FELLR DOUBLE will be available exclusively nationwide in national and independent retailers in August. RRP 4 pack of 330ml (6.5% ABV) $24, 10 pack $53

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