Independent Australian producer, Frenchies Brewery, has announced the release of its first ever hard seltzer, the Aperitivo Seltzer.

The new seltzer is inspired by the Australian summer as well as the Italian coastline, leaning on the European roots of Co-founder and Head Brewer, Vincent De Soyres. It features 25 locally sourced natural spices, fruits and botanicals, which combine to create bittersweet citrus flavours. After undergoing a refined brewing process and triple filtration, the end product is described as light, bright and refreshing, at four per cent ABV.

De Soyres said the Aperitivo Seltzer was created to offer something different in the booming seltzer market. It was designed to enjoy in true Aperitivo style (before meals), but its convenient format also allows consumers to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

“Seltzers have become massively popular over the last few years, however we recognised there was a bit of a gap in the market for an all natural, locally produced product, that also offers a completely unique flavour profile to what’s currently out there,” De Soyres said.

“So, leaning on our mix of European and Aussie brewing techniques, and love of these continents in equal measure, we developed the summery, botanical infused Aperitivo Seltzer. It’s the first in this new range, and there will be more unique seltzer products that pair Euro and Australian influences dropping later in the year.”

Aperitivo Seltzer is now available in 330ml cans in packs of four and cases of 16, as well as keg format for on-premise venues.

Brydie Allen

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