Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky is a true expression of Japanese craftsmanship. Master Distiller and Blender, Jota Tanaka masterfully blends malt and grain whiskies in a way that pushes the boundaries of Single Blended Whisky, all created under the same roof at the renowned Fuji Gotemba distillery. This exceptional whisky combines corn, rye, and malted barley, distilled in a variety of stills, resulting in a blend that evokes the essence of Scotch, American, and Canadian style whiskies. These techniques are testament to Fuji Whisky’s artistry, and the resulting liquid an embodiment of the region’s unique terroir. This sentiment has been affirmed on a global scale, with Fuji Single Blended receiving Gold Medals at both the World Whisky Awards and International Spirits Challenge.

Company contacts details: If you’re interested in purchasing or tasting Fuji Whisky please email your Vanguard Luxury Brands Sales Representative at admin@vanguardluxurybrands.com

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