Western Australian craft brewery, Gage Roads, has added to its portfolio with the release of the “clean, crisp and refreshing,” Pipe Dreams Coastal Lager.

Gage Roads Head Brewer, Ross Brown, says that Pipe Dreams was inspired by the ocean and has a delicate but complex and refreshing taste reminiscent of “the feeling of that first ocean swim” in a bottle.

Pipe Dreams has been brewed in the traditional European style and is all natural with no added sugar, preservatives or additives.

“It’s a beer that keeps it real,” says Brown. As it’s brewed with nothing more than water, hops, yeast and malt.

“Pipe Dreams Coastal Lager is inspired by the traditional European style, so it has a nice light colour with traditional noble hop aromas and a light citrus zest over the top,” explains Brown.

“It’s quite a delicate beer, but complex at the same time. There’s a little bit of malt sweetness to balance it out with a crisp, refreshing bitterness, which is key to this beer style.”

Brown told National Liquor News that he enjoyed the challenge of brewing a lager and says that the outcome was a clean and refreshing beer that people are going to love.

“Your processes have to be on the money [when brewing a lager] and there’s some restraint, which creates a better and more drinkable beer.

“We’ve spent a lot of time with our lager fermentation achieving this really clean profile, with a nice light and fruity ester. It’s a clean, fresh beer and I just love how that has come through,” says Brown.

“It’s a beer that people will love. It’s super refreshing but still has plenty going on. People that enjoy premium style European lagers will really appreciate the flavours. However, this is a beer you’re getting fresh and local. It’s not sitting on a boat, spending months getting here. Being able to appreciate a fresh lager is something great.

“Craft beer aficionados are also becoming more aware of brewing technique and appreciating these lagers which showcase good brewing. Ultimately, it’s a super refreshing beer – you’ll love it at the beach, watching the footy or down at the pub.”

The release of Pipe Dreams coincides with the rollout of a new logo and branding for Gage Roads.

The new logo has a 70s/80s surf vibe that better reflects the Gage Roads team’s love of the coast. The typeface has changed and ‘Gage Roads Brewing Co’ has become ‘Gage Roads Brew Co’ and a seagull in flight has replaced the trident.

The new branding will be rolling out across the full portfolio in the coming months. And Pipe Dreams Coastal Lager is available now nationally in 330ml bottles and 49.5L kegs.

Contact your Good Drinks representative or visit www.gooddrinks.com.au to range Pipe Dreams Coastal Lager.

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