Australians have always loved a game show.

Since the dawn of Australian TV in 1956 the popularity of game shows has captured the attention of our nation.

Now Full House Group’s innovative game show style trivia product, ‘QuizzaMe’, is pulling that fun out of lounge rooms and into Pubs, Clubs and RSL’s all over Australia.

“Just like on TV, all questions are multiple choice. Each team gets a wireless buzzer to answer with and all questions and multiple choice,” said Brayden Haynes, CEO of Full House Group.

And what would a game show be without a host?

“It’s all hosted by professional Quizmasters from an entertainment background, such as actors, comedians or aspiring game show hosts who want to be the next Grant Denyer!” said Haynes.

“With a wide range of topics, bonuses for quick answers, interactive games, real time score updates, singing and dancing.. it’s a product designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, whether they fancy themselves as trivia buffs or not.”

“It’s all about connecting venues with the people from their community who are looking for a fun and social night out. It’s about getting them off the couch and into venues to experience the thrill of competing in their own local game show,” said Haynes.

“If you’re looking to bring fun, laughter and a genuine sense of community inside of your venue, get in touch with us and we’ll come out and get you started!”

1800 FHG NOW (344 669)

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