New premium wine brand ‘The Group’ launched this month, using the wide range of expertise found in the brand’s exclusive partnership with a Grower-Owned Collective. 

With around 100 grape growers and their families involved, the new wine range is aligned with the  Collective’s goal to support the livelihood of the growers and to “facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise to ensure their vineyards thrive and grow”.

The Group harnesses the collective skills and commitment to quality of the grape growers to produce a diverse initial range of wines that showcase some of Australia’s leading wine regions, like the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. 

The Group Winemaker and daughter of a grape grower, Marnie Roberts, is thrilled to introduce the wines, especially with her history of growing up amongst the family vines and 25 years of expertise in the wine industry since then.

“The collective knowledge, passion and experience that’s passed down through generations of growers is really special,” Roberts said.

“These growers are experts on the fruit they grow, and what grapes make the finest wines possible. The Grower-Owned Collective enables growers and winemakers to join forces and in turn, make The Group’s range of truly exceptional wines.” 

The range is inspired by the brand’s mantra of ‘Collectively Better,’ with each varietal named after the collective noun for a group of animals, that are either a metaphor for the wine or inspired by the vineyard (for example, a murder of crows or a quiver of cobras). 

The core range for the launch is all red and includes:

  • ‘The Murder’ 2017 McLaren Vale Shiraz
  •  ‘The Shadow’ 2019 Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir
  • ‘The Quiver’ 2019 McLaren Vale Grenache
  • ‘The Fever’ 2018 McLaren Vale Grower Blend

There is also a limited edition varietal called ‘The Siege’ McLaren Vale Shiraz.

Rowan Dean, VP of Commercial Development at Constellation Brands who produce The Group wines, said the brand represents a new movement in the Australian wine industry. 

By partnering with the Grower-Owned Collective (Winegrapes), we are able to create a wine brand that exists with the growers firmly at the centre. As the range grows, The Group will continue to partner with the Collective to fulfil demand and create new premium wines that push the boundaries of innovation,” Dean said. 

Another name getting behind The Group launch is celebrity chef and restaurateur, Matt Moran. He shares a passion for the brand philosophy as well as supporting local producers. 

“I grew up on the farm and I’ve always had a passion for sourcing great quality produce to create great tasting food. Like paddock-to-plate, Grower Wines by The Group represent an exciting movement in the Australian wine industry,” Moran said.

The Group’s collaboration with a Grower-Owned Collective paves the way for the hard-working growers and supports the local, real people behind the label. Establishing these connections is how you create honest, authentic and quality produce – whether its food or wine.”

Brydie Allen

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