Releasing 24,000 limited edition Southern Comfort Original & Cola 10-packs exclusive to the independent retail channel, Southern Comfort is offering consumers and retailers genuine added value at a time where the off-premise is more important than ever to the liquor industry.

In 2019, Southern Comfort saw a +30% uplift vs SPLY* in their 10-pack sales as a result of this on-pack collaboration and have been asked by retailers and consumers alike to bring back the collaboration,making it an easy decision to make.

The limited-edition RTD 10 packs will include a bespoke code for purchasers to claim a pair of Volley International Canvas shoes in a new range of exciting colourways. Fans of the brands can choose from green, white, pink or blue when selecting their bonus GWP online, delivered direct to their door.

This promotion is running between 16 March and 5 August 2020, but based on the success of last year’s collaboration, they won’t stick around for long!

Born in the famed music capital of USA’s New Orleans, South Comfort embodies a balanced blend of laid-back meets ready for anything. Partnering with the iconic Australian shoe brand of equal magnitude and young at-heart nature, Volley has graced courts, roamed streets and strutted across stages, establishing themselves as a leading tennis shoe since 1939. The signature duo join forces to offer customers the unrivalled experience the brands are known for – Southern Comforts freedom of expression, southern hospitality and good times with Volley’s laid back Australian culture.


Customers can redeem their shoes by simply visiting, entering their bespoke code, selecting their shoe size and colour choice and enter their shipping details to have the pair of Volley’s delivered to their doorstep – Too Easy!


*Claimants pay $9.95 including GST postage and handling payment for delivery of the gift with purchase. 

Take it easy, drink responsibly

*Brand Sales data- warehouse depletions 2019







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