In the March issue of National Liquor News, Claire Stevens of Crunchy Social writes about how social media can help get your business in front of more customers online. 

Alcohol marketing can be a challenge for many businesses when it comes to online advertising. With a considerable amount of red tape in regards to paid alcohol advertising, one of the best ways to get your brand out there is by word-of-mouth on steroids; also known as social media. It’s a powerful tool if you know how to get the best out of your community and foster a troop of raving fans.

Social media is an excellent tool as it is built on connection and trust. Think about the last time someone recommended a bottle of wine to you. People place trust in those around them and will be more likely to seek their recommendation next time they’re in the market.

Your business can use social media in the same way. Foster favourable recommendations and your knowledge and expertise will reach far and wide.

All of this is much easier said than done, however. As social media continues to grow as a preferred weapon in a brand’s arsenal, the same is also true for their competitors. More often than not, you and your competitor are fighting for the same small slice of the attention pie. It’s crucial then that your content is engaging and memorable.

You want your content to be attractive, informative or entertaining. Provide your followers with value in these areas, and you’ll find that your content is naturally engaging and sharable.

It is important to use calls-to-action to inspire a response from your community. For example, ask your followers to tag your Instagram handle in their photos for a chance to be featured on your page or stories.

One business I have kept my eye on in recent months is The Hidden Sea, a South Australian wine company that has been using influencer marketing to successfully grow its customer base and instil excitement amongst its followers. The Hidden Sea pairs its wine brand with eco-conscious messaging; working to remove plastic bottles from the ocean. This mission is a unique selling point that attracts its target audience of 25-45 year olds and gives the brand further purpose for its social content. In building a community of like-minded, engaged followers, this brand has created social proof of over 14k followers on Instagram, as well as hundreds of customers who provide the brand with photos of their wines.

Social media differentiates itself from other marketing methods as it provides your store with the tools to empower your audience to be your biggest advocates. Your social media audience can often do much of the heavy lifting to promote your offering, meaning your message is carried further than it previously could in years gone by. Because social media is designed for content to be shared amongst like-minded people, the likelihood that your store is promoted to your target audience grows exponentially.

To harness the full potential of social media, use your following to your advantage. Ask what they want to see, create value for them in a unique way and make sure you are responsive to their comments.

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