Updates to Thirsty Camel’s Hump Club have reaped major rewards for both customers and retailers. Now, with Easter just around the corner, there’s another exciting promotion to come.

It’s been a smooth ride for the Thirsty Camel Victoria in the first months of 2023. Changes to the customer incentive Hump Club over the past six months have made it easier for both customers and retailers to initiate sign-ups and use in store with incredible results.

This translated to a big win for the latest Thirsty Bonanza, a loyalty campaign that saw Thirsty Camel stores across Victoria give away more than 2,000 prizes, including a major prize of $5,000 in cash. This year’s promotion saw four times as many customers engage with the Hump Club, compared to the same period in 2022.

Transactions also increased dramatically during the promotion, and the Hump Club had its biggest single day of loyalty transactions, beating the previous record set in December 2022 by 12%. This translated to an increase in daily value throughout the campaign by 9.7% compared to December.

It all bodes well for the next important period for Thirsty Camel stores, Easter. During this period, the lovable larrikin will come to life. Our personality has always been a point of difference and this year Thirsty Camel will be taking advantage of that with Unseriously Good Easter Deals. After all, who needs the Easter Bunny, when you’ve got the Camel? 

To bring the campaign to life, Thirsty Camel has partnered with radio station Nova and its on-air personality Fitzy. From 27 March, the Easter Camel will be chatting to Fitzy on air throughout the day to hint at the special eggs he’s planted across Thirsty Camel outlets. Listeners can then head to their nearest store for a chance to win some epic prizes.

In Victoria, there’ll be a focus on regional radio to ensure regional and seasonal stores can capitalise on families, friends and groups travelling throughout the Easter and school holidays. It all adds up to great value for customers and a win for Thirsty Camel stores.


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