Liquor Legends held its inaugural Liquor Legends Strategy Share Session on Wednesday, where Managing Director John Carmody, alongside National Trade and Marketing Manager Vaughan Peters, provided an overview of top-line performance, strategic objectives and marketing developments.

In Carmody’s update, he presented Liquor Legends’ performance position, working through business strategies and opportunities, and highlighting the strategic pillars for the next two years. Carmody spoke about delivering growth for members, which is currently being seen across the business in many different areas such as transaction counts, pricing, ranging and average sale margins.

Although the market is particularly volatile, category-wise, beer continues to dominate overall sales for Liquor Legends, making up 39.9 per cent of total sales, while RTD follows closely behind at 25.6 per cent of total sales, up 9.9 per cent.

E-commerce performance has also been strong for Liquor Legends, making up 6.7 million in sales MAT, Carmody explained.

“E-commerce has proven to be a significant additional pantry stock for our venues, being mostly convenience. We’ve measured it and looked at every key selling period, and we can see the impact that e-commerce is adding to our sales total each time.

“That’s best reflected when you look at the average sale. An average sale of $154 is huge, when our normal average sale is $44 total, and about $52 for rewards members who are now almost 46 per cent of our total sales.”

Delving into marketing insights and developments, Peters shared Liquor Legends’ perspective on top-line planning timelines, consumer loyalty and generational behaviours. Most interestingly, Peters outlined the strong performance of the Liquor Legends Rewards scheme, which now sits at 894,000 members.

Speaking about the benefits of the rewards scheme for retailers, Peters said: “members are generating an 80 per cent increase in GDP, sales at 40 per cent, and average transactions are higher.”

Peters also explored the relationships that rewards members have with their points and redemption rates, and with the onset of economic pressures in 2023, identified that value is a priority for consumers.  

The strategy session also included overviews from MST Marquee Senior Research Analyst Craig Wooldford, who shared economic insights, Summit Insights Director Cameron Mackie who outlined shopper behaviour and shared updates on the Liquor Legends Summit software, and Liquor Legends Chief Information Officer Laurence Lo, who spoke about the businesses strategic developments.

Stay tuned for the April issue of National Liquor News which will provide further insights from the Liquor Legends Strategy Share Session.

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