The team behind 4 Pines Brewing Co. is excited to reveal their new national campaign that illustrates who they are; good people who make good beer for everyone to enjoy.

And it does so literally – every person featured in the campaign, even the extras, are real 4 Pines characters. There’s Sarah, part-time beer whisperer and full-time beer educator; Mitch, ex footy legend and ‘lord of delivery’; Duan, resident ‘vibe consultant’ musician who’s been playing at 4 Pines venues for ten years; and ‘the green team’, who are shaping 4 Pines’ ‘Brewed Better’ sustainability goals.

Todd Atkinson, 4 Pines Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We have always done things ourselves and taken a very hands on approach across hospitality, brewing and how we have taken our products to market – we have a very talented and passionate crew, so made sense that we put them front and centre because it’s the real characters that makes 4 Pines special.”

This will be the brewery’s first ever national campaign, an important milestone, so connecting to the core of what 4 Pines stands for was key. One of the integral parts of the business is a commitment be ‘Brewed Better.’

This sustainability goal is reflected in 4 Pines being B-Corp certified, and having every beer of the campaign as 1% for the Planet beers, where one percent of all revenue from these lines goes to Take 3 For The Sea, Landcare Australia and Organic Matters Foundation.

“Since day one, we’ve worked hard to make a positive impact on the communities where we operate and tread lightly on the planet – we are proud to be one of the most sustainable breweries in Australia,” Atkinson said.

“It felt natural to include our approach here as it’s in the DNA of the business and team.”

The 4 Pines national campaign is set to be brought to life across TV, broadcast integration, digital and out of home as we move into the warmest and busiest time of year. After all the challenges of 2020, it gives consumers a positive, interesting story behind the beer they’re sharing with their mates.

Atkinson noted: “It’s been 12 and a half years of blood, sweat and beers! We are really happy with the core range of products which we compliment with +90 limited releases and our distribution is now truly national across an awesome bunch of retailers, pubs and clubs.

“It’s crazy to think a post-surf chat down in Manly between Jaron and his dad in ‘06 would lead to this.”

This story originally appeared in the December 2020 issue of National Liquor News.

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