On Thursday, July 19 Archie Rose will launch their second limited edition release, Six Malt New Make around Australia.

Six Malt New Make offers the first glimpse into how the base spirit of Archie Rose’s Single Malt Whisky starts its life – unaged, unfiltered and raw. While single malt whiskies typically feature one or two malt mash bills, Archie Rose choose a six-malt mash bill. While this produces a low yielding spirit, it’s a small sacrifice for an incredible depth of flavour, full of distinct regional character.

Six Malt New Make will stand up neat or in a range of classic cocktails. Enjoy it in a mean Old Fashioned with some walnut bitters, honey water and an orange twist served over a large rock. A classic whisky sour is also enlivened with this complex new make spirit, highlighting the rich chocolate notes or try a little red wine float for a New York Sour with distinction.

Order now at sales@archierose.com.au for delivery by July.

Limited to a single batch of 3,000 bottles I 50% Alc/Vol I 700ml.

Company contact details: phone number, email, web address

Archie Rose Distilling Co.

61 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery, NSW, 2018.

(02) 8458 2300


Six Malt New Make info – archierose.com.au/shop/product/six-malt-new-make



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