Western Australian retailer, Liquor Barons, has launched a new digital engagement hub to make the liquor retail experience extra special for its customers.

In partnership with audience engagement platform, Komo, the new Barons Locals Hub brings a uniquely creative edge to Liquor Barons’ marketing, with gamification tactics and virtual engagement strategies. For example, the hub launched with an Aussie Slang trivia challenge, where users can win a $5000 audio package.

Liquor Barons General Manager, Chris O’Brien, said he is excited for the hub to add more value to consumer experiences, building on the Barons Locals loyalty program which has been operating for over 20 years, and the incredible success of the Legit Locals campaign.

“Consumer loyalty is liquid gold. It is so important we create value for those loyal customers. With over 110,000 members, our goal is to amplify these experiences through the Komo platform, creating a connected and engaged community across the state,” O’Brien said.

The 90 Liquor Barons stores across WA come together under one marketing house, which means the whole network can benefit from this new engagement hub. Joel Steel, CEO of Komo, said these benefits are only set to increase in coming years, as the platform is ready to support the Liquor Barons database after Google eliminates third party cookies in 2023.

“Google is set to eliminate cookies in 2023, making it harder for businesses to tailor offers and campaigns to the wants of their customers. The Liquor Barons Hub helps the company attain first party data, which will act as a vital lifeline for the business’ marketing strategy in order to continue offering tailored and personalised campaigns for audiences. By collecting first party data for Liquor Barons, we’re helping future proof the company’s data base and ensure they’re developing strategies that their customers will engage with both now and in the future,” Steel explained.

The aim of Liquor Baron’s hub is to retain existing customers and engage new ones through creative means like gamification tools. Steel said its this gamification, through things like games, trivia, prizes and more, that will be key drivers of success in marketing campaigns across all industries.

“I see gamification as the future of all successful marketing strategies, not just the liquor retail sector. This is because we’re at turning point where customers understand what their privacy and their data is worth, and now want something worthwhile in return for giving it up. Gamification offers this; engaging customers in a unique way through trivia, leader boards, competitions, digital coupons and more — all of which we’ve integrated into our Komo platform for brands to easily utilise,” Steel said.

“First-party data holds core insights about what their customers need, want and love. By developing targeted marketing campaigns using this insight, liquor retailors can almost guarantee a good response from their core audience and continue to retain their business.”

Liquor Barons adds to Komo’s growing list of businesses of all sizes using its software as a service (SaaS) platform, with other partners including Marvel Stadium, Clubs NSW, Coca-Cola European Partners and more.

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