Liquor Barons has launched a new marketing campaign, ‘Legit Value’, which highlights the group’s community support, local knowledge, personal service and product range.

Liquor Barons Marketing Manager Lisa Hegarty said that Liquor Barons has always been about more than just low prices, and while the Legit Value campaign mimics the headlines of stereotypical retail campaigns, it delivers a stronger message.

“Liquor retailing is a competitive game, with the major chains battling it out on price, as a 100 per cent WA owned and operated co-op, Liquor Barons offer our customers so much more than that. We pride ourselves on providing them with real value, personal service, in-depth knowledge, a tailored range, convenience, and support for the local communities that we as Legit Locals are part of, which is how Legit Value was born,” Hegarty said.

The new campaign is a continuation of the successful Legit Locals campaign from previous years.

“The Liquor Barons unique selling proposition has always focused on being WA’s only liquor co-op and the brand campaign ‘Legit Locals’ succeeded in delivering that message. This new Legit Value brand campaign takes Legit Locals one step further, by showcasing the value that our Legit Local credentials can offer to our customers,” Hegarty continued.

Andrew Tinning, Creative Director at campaign producer AT Creative, explained why this campaign is different to its competitors.

“Every day, across multiple channels, consumers are bombarded with stereotypical retail headlines all focused on price. In our new campaign, we’ve visually represented Legit Value in a tongue in cheek way that uses these classic retail headlines but given them a twist to highlight the difference between ‘cheap price’ and Legit Value,” Tinning said.

“Visually, we have leaned into the classic old school retail ads of the 50’s and 60’s, to create an eye-catching look that fits with the Liquor Barons brand personality.”

The campaign features 13 different executions, beginning on large format billboards and subsequently rolling out across digital, social, print and POS over the summer.

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