By Deborah Jackson

Liquor Legends has just surpassed the 300,000 mark with its official Rewards Members program.

This year, Rewards Member transactions have increased 25.64 per cent as well as having an average spend of $46.22, compared to non-members who spend $32.24.

Mark Knott from Liquor Legends Village Green in NSW said the real-time figures and statistics generated through the Rewards Program help to support the way he runs his business.

“Targeting specific product categories to the everyday shopper is an understatement. The personalised messaging platform allows [Liquor Legends] to digitally communicate with its customers in a way that will send offers matched to the customer’s preferred purchase categories (PPC).

“The digital communication system will ensure that customers are only receiving offers based on products that are most likely to influence their purchase decisions or promote up-sell recommendations.

“Through our shopper data, we’ve analysed the behavioural logic, in turn creating individual profiles for each Rewards member allowing us to communicate directly to that specific profile, essentially giving the customer what they want.”

Managing Director John Carmody said, “We have built a completely integrated Rewards Program that we are proud of and something that should be celebrated.”

Liquor Legends also tells TheShout that it is undergoing significant marketing changes, and warns the industry to “keep an eye out”.

Deborah Jackson

Deb joined Intermedia in 2015 as Editor of National Liquor News and Deputy Editor of The Shout. Since then, she has also worked as the Editor of Beer & Brewer and the New Zealand title, World of Wine....

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