Liquor Marketing Group (LMG) has revealed a new logo and tagline as part of a corporate rebrand that recognises the evolution of the group.

The new logo has sleek, one-font, blue and black writing, clearly illustrating the LMG name alongside the new tagline of ‘Retail Excellence Together.’

LMG CEO Gavin Saunders told National Liquor News the changes come after 14 consecutive quarters of volume growth and investment in the tools to help members succeed. 

Over the past few years, the entire LMG team has worked hard to achieve some very stretched business goals all aimed at providing exceptional support to our members and providing them with the best tools and opportunities to help them succeed. We have invested heavily in innovation and technology, eCommerce and digital marketing, and streamlining our systems for data and insights,” Saunders said.

“With such a big focus on innovation to drive our success, we felt it was a good opportunity to review and refresh our corporate identity with a new, more contemporary logo, but more importantly, a tagline that better reflects who we are as a business.”


The new LMG logo and tagline


The rebranding process began in a workshop session with LMG’s senior leadership team earlier this year, where the team set out to articulate what the company is about and what it aspires to achieve. From this, they created a mission statement which Saunders said spoke to the core tenets of the business and so paved the way for the corporate rebranding. 

“Our mission statement, Retail Excellence Together, clearly encapsulates our sole focus of working effectively with all our key stakeholders to ultimately drive member profitability by delivering a strong store experience for customers. In the end, we decided that the new mission statement should also form our new corporate tagline, which initiated the new logo design,” he said. 

“Retail Excellence Together directly reflects LMG’s mission to work collaboratively with our members, suppliers and our team to drive successful outcomes through the independent retail channel.”

The rebranding recognises the evolution of LMG, marking the next step for the company. The new tagline also symbolises how the requirements of a retail banner group have changed and shows how LMG has embraced that. 

As Saunders said: “Retail Excellence Together recognises the evolution of retail banner groups’ requirement to provide more than just buying or buying and limited marketing. 

“Retail Excellence Together reflects how LMG works to support our members with all facets of retailing, including customer engagement/connection, marketing, eCommerce, retail store environment, retail execution support, data and insights, along with maximising buying opportunities.”

Along with the new logo and tagline, Saunders said LMG is continuing to do whatever possible to support member stores – a goal which remains core to the business. 

Our sole focus will always be to support our members – our rebrand reaffirms this focus, but with a new mission to operate by, we are more driven than ever to ensure we are delivering everything we can to help our members succeed,” Saunders said. 

“You can expect to see larger, more engaging and targeted marketing and promotional programs, continued extraordinary growth of eCommerce, data and insights support for members which lead the market and deliver greater profits, and a focus on continuing to execute in-store to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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