Broome’s Matso’s Brewery has added Matso’s Hard Lemon to its range, and it will be available nationally from September.

Matso’s is best known for its Ginger and Mango beer varieties, and its new addition is a sparkling alcoholic lemonade. Hard Lemon was soft launched in June and was “met with very positive feedback and strong sales,” says James Purcell from Matso’s Brewery. So as of September it will be available nationally through Good Drinks – just in time for the warmer months.

Matso’s Hard Lemon was created in response to consumer demand for ‘better for you’ drinks. Consumers, particularly millennials, are looking for healthier drinks alternatives, with low carb and low sugar product sales growing by 36 per cent, according to DrinkWise.

Australians have health concerns about sugar. Forty-five per cent are concerned by their sugar intake, with another 42 per cent monitoring how much sugar is in their diet (IRI MarketEdge).

“Most drinkers, particularly those in their twenties and thirties are sick of ‘bad stuff’ in their drinks. Things like artificial colours, fake flavours and lots of sugar,” says Purcell. “Some are even drinking less alcohol because of those concerns, and we know that being vegan friendly and having a low gluten count is important to more and more consumers too.

“For those reasons, we wanted our new alcoholic lemonade to be a guilty pleasure.”

Matso’s Hard Lemon is made with Australian lemons. It contains no artificial colours or flavours, is vegan friendly and low gluten.

“Best of all, it’s got less than half the sugar of lemon premix drinks (2.9g per 100ml), so it’s a great alternative to RTDs or ciders for those who like less sugar,” says Purcell.

“I watched what my friends and family were drinking, as well as people out and about. Many people are searching for something that’s a bit of fun, but wasn’t going to make you feel too ‘unhealthy’ at the same time.

“The thing that you’ll love most about Hard Lemon is that it tastes like old school, homemade lemonade that your Grandma probably used to make. It’s bursting with fresh lemon aroma, has a dry and effervescent mouthfeel and finishes crisp and tart.

“We were able to make a drink that we feel people are really excited to share, whether it’s bringing it to a picnic or BBQ to share with friends.”

Matso’s Hard Lemon launches nationally in September, get in touch with your local Good Drinks Brand Ambassador for details and orders.

Deborah Jackson

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