In the 2022 National Liquor News Industry Leaders Forum, MEXINK’s Founder and Head of Mixology, Kieron Prenter, explains how the brand went from in-house offering to RTD success story.

The old adage ‘necessity is the mother of creation’ applies well to MEXINK’s origin, with the company created as a result of the pandemic, according to Founder and Head of Mixology Kieron Prenter.

“During COVID lockdowns, there was a huge demand coming from patrons at my Narrabeen restaurant, Mexicano, for margaritas to-go, so that was the inspiration to start canning them,” he said.

“Word spread like wildfire and demand for my RTD margaritas absolutely skyrocketed. We had queues lining up and down the street for them. I started exploring the market and looking into larger scale production, and it became obvious there was a gap in the market for a premium, bartender-quality product.”

Since its recent launch in September 2021, it has been a story of rapid expansion for the brand. MEXINK is stocked in more than 40 locations, including independent retail and on tap at iconic venues like Neutral Bay’s The Oaks Hotel.

Australia is one of the world’s largest RTD markets, with canned cocktails enjoying rocketing popularity as consumers look to enjoy cocktails at their convenience on beaches and in backyards across the country. This is particularly true of tequila-based ready-made cocktails, with Prenter likening their boom to ongoing gin renaissance.

He believes the success of his brand is part of a larger trend towards premiumisation, noting: “Whether drinking on their couch, at a picnic, or at a venue, Australians are really after quality.

“They’re not drinking for the sake of it, but really want to enjoy authentic flavours. And so we’re finding that they’re searching for premium ready-made products that equal what they would get from a topnotch cocktail bar.”

For Prenter, it is this premium quality that he believes sets his brand apart, in an increasingly contested canned margarita space.

“Our differentiation is premiumisation – which consumers really value. We’re already seeing a rapid gain of market share over more established competitors,” he said.

“It simply comes down to getting liquid on lips. Once people try it, they taste the difference compared to all other canned margaritas on the market.

“MEXINK has struck the perfect trio of market demand, premium appeal, and just a genuinely great tasting product.”

Expansion plans for 2022

MEXINK will be continuing to roll-out its original range in the year ahead, both in retail and on tap at venues.

The core range currently consists of:

  • Mexi-Shaken Classic Margarita
  • Coco-ho Coconut Margarita
  • Jalapeño Spicy Margarita
  • Passion Passionfruit Margarita

Prenter says MEXINK is also currently in testing for new flavours, expected to hit the market later in 2022.

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