The LSA WA Board. Front L-R: Lou Spagnolo and Chris Dzodzos. Back L-R: Brent Rudler, Steve Nicoloff, Michael Cartwright and Vikrant Sharma (Absent: Laurie Hurley).

The Liquor Stores Association of Western Australia (LSA WA) has announced a change in personnel within its board.

At the association’s recent annual general meeting (AGM), a new board was elected following a nomination period. This board has now been ratified, with the inclusion of a new member following the tragic loss of former board member Anita Grace in August last year.

Michael Cartwright is this newest addition, joining as a LSA WA board member under the leadership of Chair Lou Spagnolo, Deputy Chair Steve Nicoloff and Treasurer Brent Rudler, and alongside other board members Vikrant Sharma, Chris Dzodzos and Laurie Hurley (honorary board member).

Cartwright comes to the board with over 12 years of hands-on experience in the independent liquor and grocery retail space. He is the Owner Operator of Cellarbrations Port Kennedy and the adjacent PK Fresh IGA, Stockyard Meats and the Kiwi Shop, specialising in food and beverage products from New Zealand.

Cartwright said he is proud to be joining the board, commending all members as well as Spagnolo and LSA WA Management for their hard work in “steering the independent liquor industry through regulatory changes and the COVID response.”

“During COVID the LSA WA team led from the front and engaged productively with the WA Government and the Minister for Racing, Gaming and Liquor. The general consensus among the liquor industry and the government was that the independent liquor operators showed a high level of maturity and operated in the best interest of the public during this unprecedented period,” Cartwright said.

This appreciation for the association was one of the key drivers behind Cartwright’s interest in joining the LSA WA board, combined with his true passion around the necessity of independent retail.

“I am a strong believer that the independent liquor store industry provides the springboard for innovation in retailing, and provides local small, micro and craft distillers and breweries the opportunity to get their product to the consumer,” Cartwright said.

“Independent liquor retailers are the conduit to the continued innovation of local producers and the industry players recognise the important role that independents make.

“My main purpose for joining the board is to ensure that regulators continue to make decisions in the best interests of the community and the local industry and do not lose sight of the importance of the independent sector to the wider WA local producers.”

With the new board now ratified, both Cartwright and the LSA WA board as a whole has confirmed their commitment to contintuing strong advocacy efforts for the benefit of its members.

Brydie Allen

Brydie Allen is the Editor of National Liquor News. She has been with Food and Beverage Media since 2019, when she joined the company as a journalist across National Liquor News, Bars & Clubs, The...

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