Proof Drinks Australia has introduced another new and interesting spirit to our shores with the release of The Lost Explorer Mezcal.

The premium mezcal brand launches with three SKUs made with different varietals of agave plant, designed to help consumers explore the diversity of the plant and the spirit it can create. The range includes Espadín, an agave that grows in the arid valleys of Oaxaca and is harvested after eight years; Tobalá, grown in arid, shaded, high-altitude canyons and harvested after 10 years; and Salmiana, a wild variety grown in high-altitude and adventurous terroir, harvested after a minimum of 12 years.

Each type of plant imparts a specific flavour profile into the mezcal. Espadín has subtly sweet and herbaceous layers with a mild smoky finish, while Tobalá has a balance of wood aromas and umami flavours, and Salmiana is the most herbaceous expression with an unexpected yet gentle sweet and spicy profile.

The Lost Explorer is a fairly new brand in the world of mezcal, having been introduced in Mexico, California and the UK in late 2020. Created in partnership with renowned Maestro Mezcalero Don Fortino Ramos and his daughter Xitlali, the brand has already grown to become one of the most awarded mezcals in the world before its introduction into Australia.

Local industry expert, Adam Pepper, has been brought on by Proof Drinks Australia as Brand Ambassador for agave, and shared the tale of The Lost Explorer Mezcal at its official launch yesterday.

He said one of the special pillars of the brand is to be in harmony with nature and “receive not take.”

“It’s all about living life, giving back, elevating the community and receiving from the earth, not taking from it,” Pepper noted.

“Yes, they will take agave to produce the mezcal, but what they do in return is to plant three wild agave plants for every one they harvest… from there, in the way they distil, everything that they use they will either put back as fertiliser, or use to help fire the stills and roast the agaves.”

This commitment to sustainability and a closed loop system is core to The Lost Explorer Mezcal brand. As well as the replanting rule, it also upcycles agave waste into compost and copitas – the small traditional cup-like vessel for sipping mezcal. The Lost Explorer bottles are also ‘green’, made in Mexico City from over 55 per cent recycled crystal scraps which are then hand-labelled and sealed with natural beeswax.

In addition, The Lost Explorer Mezcal has also announced a long-term partnership with the Voice for Nature Foundation, a global charity supporting organisations that have a sustainable impact on the planet. Since then, the brand has partnered with three non-profit projects on the ground in Oaxaca, actively making an environmental impact and supporting local communities.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal is now available from Proof Drinks Australia, with RRPs for the 700ml bottles as follows: Espadín at $130, Tobalá at $250, and Salmiana at $300.

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