There’s an upstart startup running the award circuit, making noise in the world of Scottish whisky and soon making waves in Australia: discover Taisteal Explorer’s Series.

Taisteal (Gaelic for “journey”), a relative newcomer to the whisky world, gives the noble spirit a new shine with its trio of single malt, single grain and blended Scotch from the Highlands. Targeted at the premium whisky category, it has recently racked up four silver and gold medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition and The Spirits Business Scotch Masters, proving that Scotch whiskies can be made exceptional while being versatile and affordable.

The pursuit of quality and authenticity meant the power of two distilleries was greater than one, so the Taisteal range is crafted by two historical names, Loch Lomond and Angus Dundee, that use hundreds years of combined experience and heritage to deliver accomplished Scotch expressions. Explorer’s Malt is a superb single malt with a mature woodiness, a mellow smokiness and earthy hints of peat; Explorer’s Grain, is an irresistible single grain intertwining toffee and floral notes that reveal a delicate, silky and fruity palate; and finally, Explorer’s Blend displays chocolate and vanilla fudge, baked spices and nutty palate.

Bridging the gap between quality and value, Taisteal takes all the great things about the timeless spirit and infuses a hefty dash of versatility to make these drams a contemporary drinking experience, both for the novice seeking for an approachable whisky introduction, as well for the connoisseurs in search of a satisfying dram to enjoy casually. Taisteal dispels the notion that Scotch is an “old man’s drink” to be consumed only neat or on ice, instead encouraging sippers to follow their individual preferences and create their own rituals.

The range, already available in Asia and Europe, is getting ready to land in Australia through JPI International excited to introduce Taisteal award-winning single grain and malt.

For more information about Taisteal Scotch whiskies, please contact our Melbourne office:

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